Rules for the VELOWINO, June 16th 2018


The VELOWINO is a cycling event which aims to revive the good old days of cycling with appropriate equipment (bicycle and attire) in the Weinheim area.

The focus is on the enjoyment of cycling and the handling of the route. Cycling times will not be recorded.

Each participant has to ensure his own safety and that of the other road users. Road traffic regulations must be complied with. Contraventions can lead to immediate exclusion from the event.

Further rules for admission

Only registered participants who have paid the participation fee in advance may participate.

Adolescents under the age of 18 need the written consent of their parents.

Children under the age of 14 are allowed to participate in the VELOWINO 40 only if accompanied by an adult. Participation is free of charge for those under 14.

The organizer accepts no responsibility for the safety of the routes. All routes run along public roads and paths. Road traffic regulations must be complied with. Contraventions can lead to immediate exclusion from the event.

Each participant is responsible for the proper functioning of his bicycle. For safety reasons we strongly recommend wearing a certified bicycle helmet.

The participant declares that he is physically and mentally fit to cope with the chosen route and clarifies this in advance with a doctor.

Participation is at your own risk. The participant agrees that the organizer accepts no liability. It is assumed that the participants are sufficiently insured (medical, accident, liability insurance).

By registering, the participant declares that the regulations have been fully read, understood and agreed upon.

Fees and Payment method

The registration fee for each person for the event including food and drinks at the refreshment stops is 48 euros for the short routes (40km and 55km) and 58 euros for the longer ones (80km or longer).  5 Euros of which ist donated to charity. There is an early booking discount of 10 euros if the registration takes place before March 31, 2018.

Payment is by bank transfer; the bank account details will be communicated at registration.

In the event of non-participation, the participation fee will not be reimbursed.

If the event has to be canceled for unknown reasons, the participation fee will not be refunded.


Registration is possible via the Internet and is starting mid/ at the end of February 2018. Participants of the previous year will be given the opportunity to register beforehand.

The registration is not transferable to another person.

For participants under 18, the organizer requires a written consent from the parents or guardians by June 8th 2018, latest. A form can be requested by e-mail from the organizer.

The number of participants is limited. The organizers reserve the right to terminate the registration period as a whole or for individual routes at any time.


VELOWINO will take place in Weinheim on Saturday, June 16th 2018.

On the evening before, i.e. June 15th all participants are invited to a free guided tour of the old part of the city and a joint spaghetti dinner for 5 Euros per person.

The registration package can be picked up at the ‘Schlosshof’ (castle/city center) in Weinheim on Friday late afternoon or one Saturday, one hour before the start at the latest.

The start takes place on Saturday morning at the ‘Schlosshof’  (castle, city center) at the respective stated times indicated under routes.

Although the routes are well signposted, we recommend that you ride in small groups. We also advise the participants to familiarize themselves with the route by means of the roadbook or the previously published GPX track beforehand.

The finishing line is at the the starting point in the Schlosshof of Weinheim .

The routes are divided into individual sections, the refreshment and stamping stations are clearly visible from the route. The distance between the refreshment stations are indicated under routes.

Please have the roadblock stamped at the stations’ setup along the routes.

The event ends at 5 pm. Participants who reach the finishing line after this will no longer receive an award.
The starting numbers may not be worn after 5 pm. Participants who deviate from the signposted routes must also take off their starting numbers.

The event takes place in any weather. The participants should be suitably attired for the weather conditions and adapt their cycling style to the external circumstances.


A total of five different routes are offered, which are described in more detail under routes.

Specific features of VELOWINO 180 “The Extreme”:

  • The VELOWINO 180 only takes place if at least 15 participants register. If there are less than 15 registrations, the participants will have to join the VELOWINO 130.
  • Latest arrival at the junction in Neckarhäuser Hof (km64)  should be at or before 12:30; latest arrival at the junction Hirschhorn (km104) should be at or before 14:00. The signposting for the VELOWINO 180 is removed from these points after the above mentioned times. Cyclists who arrive later  must continue on the course of VELOWINO 130.

Bikes and Clothing

All bicycles built before 1988 can be used. The garments worn should ideally be of the epoch of the bicycle. The same also applies to accessories such as lighting, speedometers, water bottles and other accessories.

For safety reasons, however, we recommend that you wear a certified bicycle helmet instead of a classic leather crash ring.

Here, in particular, rather unusual bicycles are welcome, such as tandems, peders, police bicycles, etc., but of course also normal  and racing bicycles of this specific period.

For the long distance, we strongly recommend the use of a race bike, a randonneur or a sporty touring bike. The bicycles must correspond – as far as the design / components are concerned –  to what was customary before 1988. This means in particular:

  • Steel frame
  • Frame or handlebarshift levers, no integrated brake shift handles
  • No disc brakes or hydraulic brakes. Due to the gradient (up to 13% over several kilometers), the brakes should work well and have been thoroughly checked.
  • No click pedals but hook pedals with leather straps or “normal” pedals
  • No electric drive
  • The wheels should have at least 32 spokes


For first-time participants the bicycle guidelines described above are not mandatory, but only muscle-powered bicycles are allowed. Nevertheless, first-time participants should follow the guidelines as far as possible.

Data privacy

The participants agree that the data submitted in the application can also be stored electronically and that the photographs, film footage and interviews made in connection with the event can be published without any remuneration and used for advertising purposes.

In addition, the participants agree to continue receiving information related to VELOWINO.


By registering, the participant declares that the regulations have been fully read and understood and he agrees with them.

The organizer is authorized to exclude participants who do not comply with the regulations from continuing their participation in the event.